Winter & Company

Paper Source has a long relationship with several manufactures of cover materials. We stock an assortment of products, with the full range being available by special order. Stocks can be express shipped by air and delivered within 7-10 days. For large orders, sea freight can also be arranged.

For over 125 years WINTER & COMPANY stands for quality and inspiring cover materials. With spirit for innovation, engagement for the environment and society as well as decades of experience WINTER & COMPANY offers their customers a unique choice of creative and high quality products.
WINTER & COMPANY systematically developed and supplied new, pioneering products. Many of their brands like SKIVERTEX®, PELLAQ® and NABUKA® have established themselves as industry standards and symbolise their experience with creative cover materials.
The WINTER & COMPANY product selector is a source of inspiration as well as a digital pattern card: discover and compare over 1500 products for your project.

WINTER & COMPANY are showing digital leadership by using renders to show how materials look on applications. This makes it easier to compare and choose colours and materials with ultra-photorealistic quality.

Links below will open information on WINTER & COMPANY website. For enquiries, please contact your Paper Source Sales Consultant.

Choose your material by Application, Colour or Attributes on the WINTER & COMPANY product selector

Noble nubuck leather look with unique touch.
High quality PU on soft and extensible microfibre textile base.
High quality polyester textile
Elegant chammy suede effect with a soft touch.
CORVON® includes a wide selection of technically inspired looks. For creativity without borders, the latex-saturated, coated papers are available in countless colours, finishes and designs and can be decorated in a variety of ways.
The eco-friendly alternative to Metallized Polyester (MPET / Metpol)
Transfer-metallized FSC™-certified and REACH compliant paper. Recyclable.
Acrylic-coated ECOREL® latex paper is the PVC-free alternative for books, stationery and packaging. Developed by WINTER & COMPANY over 25 years ago, ECOREL® is made with water-based paints and is FSC™-certified. The inexpensive and durable coated material contains neither heavy metals nor harmful plasticizers and gives each application a distinctive character.
Bright white paper and board manufactured from 100% Post Consumer Waste fibres
Can easily be used with all common print and decoration methods
GENUINE LEATHER, our real leather, is a durable cover material for fine packaging and books. The organic surface textures and the real leather smell, touch and look make GENUINE LEATHER a luxurious experience for the senses.
High quality microfibre material
Noble real suede leather visual and feel.
Luxury woven material with the natural lustre of real satin
Specially made to be printable by offset. Paper lined for better runability.
Noble nubuck leather look with unique touch.
High quality PU on soft and extensible microfibre textile base.
Depending on the finish, the NAPPAN® collection is reminiscent of noble types of leather or technically inspired fabrics with exciting surface textures. Made of soft, stretchy PU finish on textile carrier, NAPPAN® comes in several variants. The high-quality material is versatile, but is mainly used for lining luxury or premium packaging.
The natural inspired surface designs of the WINTER & COMPANY own brand NAPURA® are reminiscent of bamboo, sisal or wood and, thanks to their attractive surface textures, are suitable for packaging and bindings that should leave a lasting impression. The dyed-through, thermo-reactive paper is virtually indistinguishable from the original fibre in terms of appearance and feel, and makes blind embossing stand out particularly well.
The NOVALITE® collection is easy to work with and, with its sturdy, dirt-repellent properties, is the ideal choice for creative projects. The surface structures are available in different designs as well as modern and classic colours.
The unique droplet impression creates an organic texture on FSC™ Mix certified paper with 40% post-consumer waste (PCW)
The exotic look of the PELLAQ® series gives your projects an extravagant finish. The scratch-resistant, durable material is inspired by fashion and looks amazingly similar to the original inspiration of exotic leather. The latex-saturated papers are available in various designs and colours and are free of harmful plasticizers or heavy metals. Many PELLAQ® products are also FSC™ certified.
The QUINEL® series is available in different versions and is reminiscent of silk or luxurious leathers. The versatile material impresses with its versatile character and gives your projects a high-quality finish.
The luxurious cover material REDEL® fascinates by its amazing resemblance to nappa or suede leathers. The soft, stretchy PU finish on microfibre textile carrier can be wonderfully processed and lends the most diverse projects a luxurious look and feel.
Elegant suede leather effect with a smooth touch
High quality flocked fabric
SILKTOUCH the latex-saturated, coated paper with its leather-like feel can be processed excellently and decorated in many different ways. The material gives your projects an extravagant, classic or modern character, depending on the choice of colour.
Elegant suede leather effect with a smooth touch
High quality flocked fabric
A silk like satin taffeta cloth with traditional moiré design
Available in paper lined and unlined
SKIVERTEX® is our classic and still the benchmark for the highest quality cover materials. The material's look and feel are amazingly similar to real leather and is very durable. The acrylic-coated latex paper SKIVERTEX® is FSC™-certified and can be easily processed both by hand and by machine. It is available in a variety of authentic leather colours and textures.
Elegant suede leather look with a very pleasant smooth touch
White flocked material with printable textile structure
Base: paper 110gsm or board 265gsm
These book cloths give books and packaging a lasting impression. Woven from cotton, rayon or ocean plastic, each collection offers an exciting colour palette with memorable texture and a refined feel. Ideally suited for sustainable and long-lasting projects
Double sided self-supporting coated paper
Delivers a luxuriously tactile experience. Front and back. Inside and out
Elegant velvet offering a soft finish.
Short pile velvet made from 100% recycled polyester
White flocked material with printable velvet structure
Base: paper 110gsm or board 265gsm
High quality woven velvet with a smooth and soft surface
100% polyester
The WIBALIN® series is suitable even for the most demanding projects and gives packaging, bindings or other products that certain something. The dyed-through paper is available in a wide variety of looks and textures and, depending on the design, even has varnished or food-grade properties.
Our creative paper lightweights have a grammage of 100 g / m2 and are handy in a collection. WIBALIN® LITE is ideal for packaging, print products, organizational products or stationery items. The material consists of ECF pulps, is FSC™-certified and 100 % recyclable.
The fabrics of the WICOTEX® series are reminiscent of linen and can be used for a variety of projects. Laminated on paper for easy processing. They attract the eye with a natural fibre structure and are available in a wide range of colours depending on the design.
Refine your project with one of many WINTAN® designs. The impressive leather fibre fabric (Lefa or Bonded Leather) consists of 85 % recycled leather sections, which are produced during the tanning process and reminds visually, haptically and olfactorily strongly of the original.