Van Heek

Paper Source has a long relationship with several manufactures of cover materials. We stock an assortment of products, with the full range being available by special order. Stocks can be express shipped by air and delivered within 7-10 days. For large orders, sea freight can also be arranged.

van Heek is a leading producer of linen backed materials, with natural or coated finishes.
The natural finish qualities are distinctive because of the natural look and feel of real fabric. The dye compositions have been prepared with great care. Consequently, the colouring intensifies the structure of the fabric instead of weakening it. High-quality cotton and rayon threads are used for the base cloth.
The coating applied to the coated fabric provides additional protection and makes the material dirt and water repellent. The remarkably high tensile and folding strength makes these products easy to process. The increased wear resistance makes these qualities particularly suitable for products that are used extensively and intensively. The textile structure under the coating remains clearly visible.

Links below will open information on van Heek website. For enquiries, please contact your Paper Source Sales Consultant.
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Natural Finish Ranges


A characteristic bookbinding cloth that stands out due to the beautiful simplicity of the natural textile structure and the many brilliant standard colours.

Brillianta Calandré

Based on the quality of Brillianta, an additional calendering creates an even smoother and shinier cloth. This makes Brillianta Calandré very suitable for small, fine prints.


Saphir is an attractive alternative quality that combines excellent processing possibilities with a remarkable price/quality ratio.


Finesse is a fine rayon quality ideal for stamping and screen or offset printing.


Regent has a fine textile character with a slightly glossy surface.


The natural coarse structure and characteristic rustic colours make it particularly suitable for large-sized (art) books.


The natural coarse structure and characteristic rustic colours make it particularly suitable for large-sized (art) books.


The thicker weft yarns provide Regina with additional texture. Your product is given an additional stylish appearance that can almost be called regal.


Dubletta is a light cotton fabric with a matt surface. The specific structure, in combination with the sophisticated colour spectrum, ensures a stylish result.


A natural finish with a magical effect through the application of glitter. An extensive colour spectrum will encourage creativity.


A distinctive bookbinding material which combines the outstanding simplicity of Brillianta® with a base cloth of 100% rayon, that is FSC™ certified. Brilliance is in full compliance with all FSC Mix criteria.

Coated Ranges

Buckram Light

A fine woven fabric and an environmentally friendly acrylic coating form the striking features of Buckram Light. The result is a supple material with a strong surface.

Buckram Premium

A timeless and durable product that meets all requirements in terms of tensile strength and wear resistance due to the combination of polyester and cotton. Thanks to the pu top coating, Buckram Premium has a high dirt and water repellency.


Strong and colourful, these two aspects are characteristic for the quality of Fancy. Fancy is a coated quality, available in 29 colours with a clear linen structure and 12 metallic colours. An additional advantage is that the top coating makes the material dirt and water repellent.


The flat, smooth surface makes this fabric ideal for offset, screen and hot foil printing.