The Possibilities of Paper

G . F Smith Colorplan represents an exceptional achievement in paper making. Over the last 80 years they have continually refined, perfected, and pushed the range to its limits. Every one of its 55 colours, 25 embossings and 10 weights is made sustainably, in Great Britain. It can adapt to endless transformations, from business cards and boxes to paper bags and works of art, and is available all over the world - consistently beautiful on seven continents.
Continuing the theme of nature in The Possibilities of Paper series, and in celebration of the abundant, diverse tonal spectrum of Colorplan, our latest promotion features butterflies, creatures that perfectly mirror the range’s bountiful array of colour.
For the first edition in a series of three G . F Smith have collaborated with Swiss printer Sonderegger to showcase the vast potential of Colorplan through numerous production techniques such as raster engraving, overprinting foil with ink, and debossing. Unique and unusual colour combinations have been created, presenting an artful and expressive printed piece. Further information about the second and third editions will be shared soon.
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